Our Clients in Nigeria & Ghana

You want to purchase an instrumental but can’t pay directly on our site because of PayPal online restrictions in your country? We understand your plight! Simply follow these steps, get your instrumental, showcase your talent and become the next African superstar!

1. Pay in the Naira or Cedi equivalent  (Simply type in the price in dollars on Google and add “to Naira”or “to Cedi” to calculate the equivalent) of the price of the beat into the  GTBank account below.We will get a notification immediately you make the payment.

Frontline Television LimitedAccount No 0037567904 (Frontline is our parent company and is situated in Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

2. Send an email to beatsbybigh@gmail.com with your name, date of payment and the name of the beat you want.

3. We’ll send you your beat asap to your email address!

Important Note – Be aware that the prices for Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licenses for the beats are different (Click the “Buy” button next to the beat you want to see Exclusive prices) At this time we only offer Exclusive licenses to our Clients in Nigeria and Ghana for legal reasons. We can also produce your own custom beat if that better suits your needs.





Icekid November 21st, 2014

Can you pls make a highlife afro beat for me??

Big H November 24th, 2014

Hi Ice Kid, Yes we can! I emailed you directly.

kelvinklin February 5th, 2015

I need that beat TILL DEAR DO US A PART, it just the kind of best j want but should be 5minutes, I live in Italy and how do I pay.

kelvinklin February 5th, 2015

Till death do us apart is just the kind of beat I want and should be just 5minutes

Big H February 11th, 2015

Hi Kelvin,
Unfortunately that beat has been sold exclusively. Of course we could also produce a custom beat for you that better suits your needs. I believe I emailed you about it.

twin March 17th, 2015

hey how to pay you

Big H March 17th, 2015

Hi Twin,
I’m not sure what you mean. Are you trying to purchase a beat off the site? If so, you can pay using PayPal. If you’re talking about a custom beat, shoot me an email to beatsbybigh@gmail.com

David Bangs October 27th, 2015

Am looking to buy 3 Afro beat from u
Please email me so we can communication n take it from there.

Sensi Asma March 9th, 2016

I am interested in your production (Island Gyal Riddim)
Contact me please.

Baron Cassie May 8th, 2016

Brother man, I gat well written African songs that I have been practicing them for a few months now,but your beats don’t match them and there are no African recording studios over here. Bro I don’t really know how u gonna workout this out.

Ebo June 23rd, 2016

I want that Get Down beat, want know if you can get it for me?

Samuel July 25th, 2016

Beats by big h your the best and only best guy who does beats

Big H July 31st, 2016

Thanks for the love!

Dalmas Abuor July 29th, 2016

how can someone in kenya get afro hip hop beats frm u…howz the payment done from kenya

Adrian aka Andrew September 4th, 2016


I was wondering how I can produce a Ghana Highlife beat Big H ? How much do you charge to the work

Mike westt October 13th, 2016

Hi bh can u please make me a custom beat similar to Lambo I really love it try to buy it but my paypal account some how could not authorize the payment…I already wrote my song for that beat unfortunately someone bought it, but if u can make something similar to that I’ll be happy…thanks

YUNG MONARK December 22nd, 2016

pls i need the beat jumbo n am trying to get it but it like am reading stories pls reply me the naira amount n how easier to grt it

zizzys May 20th, 2017

can you me a fela kuti type beat with new skool vibe

Bayo June 27th, 2017

Looking to purchase the beat “She Bahd”

ALIZO THE PRINCE July 7th, 2017

Hello!!! If I Want To Connect With You People Sierra Naija Because I’m In Sierra Leone But I Want You To Produce My Songs For Will It Be Possible

Jojo August 8th, 2017

Please I want the exclusive but there. Price there so I want to know the price

Jojo August 8th, 2017

I meant I want the exclusive but there is no price there so I want to know the price

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