About Us

Afrobeat and Dancehall Beat/Song Specialists

Beats By Big H was started by in 2014 by Nigerian-born Harold “Big H” Esindu (a.k.a Giant of Africa) and American-born Scott “Scotty the Red” Shane in St Louis. We started the first online Afrobeat store to provide artists with dope and authentic Afrobeats and Dancehall Beats.

Why Choose Us? 

  • We work to make sure every Afrobeat and Dancehall beat sounds different from the last. You get to pick beats from over a dozen producers at any given time. We’re always trying new things, and be a little more creative with the next beat. That helps to keep you inspired by our beats, and there’ll always be something for you in our Store no matter what your approach is. And if it’s not there we can make it for you.
  • We make different types of Afrobeats and it’s sub-genres.  We understand the similarities between the Afrobeat vibes and rhythms from different regions of the world. But more importantly, we understand the differences. So if you’re in Netherlands, France, or the United Kingdom, we understand that your Afrobeats subgenre might be different from someone who is in United States, South Africa or Nigeria. And because we understand, it gives us the freedom to either create those styles separate of each or blur the lines.
Afrobeat and Dancehall are global genres now. Obviously that’s why you’re here. Let’s create the next wave together! Welcome to Beats By Big H.  Back to Beat Store