Afrobeat & Dancehall Specialists

We are ALWAYS creating these Afrobeat and Dancehall beats. We are producers, but some of us are artists and songwriters as well. And while we are making your beats, we have some fantastic ideas for songs. 

You now have access to our Afrobeat, Dancehall and Pop Songwriting team!

The BIGGEST illusion the music industry created is fooling you into thinking that the artist performing the song is the only one responsible for making the song. Two heads are always better than one.

The BIGGEST artists; Drake, Kanye West, Adele, etc. all have help with songwriting. Afrobeats is no different. The biggest names get help too.

As long as it’s Afrobeat and Dancehall, we can write it.

You need an Afrobeat banger melody that will tear up the club in Lagos, Nigeria? We will deliver. You need an Afro…Drake-ish, Bryson Tiller-ish, Tory Lanez type of vibe? We got you. You need an Afro-Dancehall song that you can use as a foundation for your Soca/Afrobeat summer smash? LET US HELP.

The BIGGEST hits are almost never written by one person.

Let us help you create your favorite record.

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Prices start at $1,300.